Embrace your journey

I’m in my mid-thirties and I feel like life is starting to finally make sense. I feel like I’m at the exact spot I’m supposed to be. And I would have NEVER thought it would look anything like this.

I’m a coach and owner at Alamo 180, Prayer Ministry Leader at City Church Downtown, and a wife, mother and athlete. Wife, mother and athlete was something I saw myself becoming, but coach and Prayer Ministry Leader….whaaaat???

I had more bad coaches than good growing up as a swimmer and runner. The profession was tainted in my mind and I wanted nothing to do with it. I made a vow that I would do anything but become a coach. Joke is on me. I make my living as a coach.

Prayer was something that seemed empty to me growing up. I felt like my words just bounced around the walls in my room. Was God even listening? The quiet setting had it’s own challenges, and now ask me to pray out loud in a group setting – oh HECK NO!!! Nervous sweating, stumbling on my words, and heavy breathing. I remember one bible study in college where we each took turns praying out loud. I got into a deeper and deeper panic as my turn kept getting closer. My friend looked over at me to see if I was okay because I was breathing hard. Imagine sprinting up a hill. Yeah, that was my breathing pattern. Although I wanted to give up because prayer scared me, God didn’t let that happen. Now I’m a Prayer Ministry Leader. I pray over people in all types of settings. And I LOVE it!!! Joke is on me again.

Don’t run from what you’re scared of. It just might be your life’s calling. Embrace your journey and trust God in the process.

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