The WHY behind this blog

I started this blog because God prompted me to do it. My goal is to share what it’s like to be both physically and spiritually active and healthy. I want to inspire you to make fitness part of your everyday, but more importantly, to make His Kingdom part of your everyday. To get out of your comfort zone both physically and spiritually. A healthy body, void of a healthy spirit, is weak. And a healthy spirit, void of a healthy body is also weak. But a healthy body and spirit…watch out world! 

For a long while my heart had been torn between my pursuit of coaching and prayer ministry. Both are my passion, but for a long while I felt like I was living two separate lives. I felt as if I needed to pick one, but just as that thought came, God showed me how I can combine the two. I can help people #makea180 in both body and spirit! I have so many ideas of how this will unfold, but for now, baby steps.

As you read through my posts, you will notice topics such as triathlon, running, strength training, prayer, prophetic, entreprenuership, and more! It is my greatest hope that in sharing my stories you will become inspired to be both physically and spiritual active and alive!

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  1. Love it! So glad to read that you’ve figured out a way to fufill both your passions in life and share your experiences. Looking forward to the posts to come!


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