Writing Activation

Ready to do some spiritual training?

This activation was new to me, but I was ready to give it a try. And it did not disappoint! I challenge you to give it a try, too! 

I heard about this activation from one of the streaming sermons I listen to online.

Writing Activation: 15 minutes of soaking and 45 minutes of writing.

But I didn’t have time for that. I had only 15 minutes, so I made it 5 minutes of soaking and 10 minutes of writing. I knew God would show up in my small window of time. The way I viewed it was like this: I tell my athletes that any amount of exercise is better than nothing. If you can’t do your hour run on your training plan, but can manage a 15 minute run, do it because it is better than no run. Same applies with spiritual training.

So what is soaking? It’s taking time to be quiet and still in worship. It’s being in God’s presence without having to do anything but sit and soak Him in. I like to listen to instrumental tracks while I just sit and wait for Him to show up. This form of worship is soooo good for the spirit and soul!

After Levi went down for a nap (Cora would be home in 15 minutes, hence the short amount of time), I made some hot tea and plopped down on the couch, and had my notepad and pen ready.

Step 1: I played this track on my phone.

Step 2: I prayed these words: “Holy Spirit come! God I will have more faith in your ability to show up than in my ability to try and find you. I also come expectant so bring it on!”

Step 3: He came! And I wrote down words as they came to my mind. 

First word I got was “goodness.” I wrote it down. A few moments later I got the word “peace.” And then words began to flood in. I wrote down any thought that came to mind. Some were funny and made me laugh, others were weird and probably my thoughts (like I got the word “spider” – huh?), and some words were repetitive. I almost didn’t write the repetitive ones down, but then I remembered that God works in themes. I began to notice themes in the words I wrote down. I got the sense that He wanted me to focus on the repetitive words in my everyday doings. Soon, I began to get full sentences. I began to run out of room on my paper.

At the end of the activation, I looked at what I wrote. All the words were positive and encouraging. My favorite was “I’m so proud of you.” I also got some prophetic words from God. I will hold on to those with hope! You can read more about prophetic words from God on this post.

I urge you to give this activation a try! God loves to show up and reveal Himself to us. I had a LOT of fun with this activation and plan to make it a regular thing. If you want to learn how to discern His voice, this activation is a great way to achieve that. Plus it’s nice to know what He wants to communicate with you. I felt peace in my spirit and so refreshed. 

Set aside some quiet time, get comfortable, grab a pen and paper, put on some instrumental music and go for it! I can’t wait to hear how He shows up for you!

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