Primed for Endurance

If you’re an endurance athlete, you can relate to what the scriptures say about endurance.

Sometimes when I come across scripture that mentions endurance, I’m like “oh I’ve done an Ironman, I get it!” But you don’t have to have trained for and completed an Ironman to understand the endurance it takes to follow Jesus.

There is a strong comparison to the grit it takes to train for endurance events to the grit it takes to follow Jesus. We were created for endurance. It’s in our DNA. And it might be why so many gravitate towards endurance races.

In Romans 15:4 it says, “…through endurance and the encouragement of the scriptures we have hope.”

In this life, it’s all about endurance and the daily dose of encouragement from God’s word to stay the course. It gives hope.

Sounds a lot like endurance training if you ask me. Daily enduring the training and your coach and loved ones encouraging you along the way. It keeps you committed and gives hope for race day.

Worth mentioning since we’re discussing endurance…

While we’re primed for endurance, ask yourself: what are you enduring daily?  

Are you enduring a life of defeat? Do you feel you’ll never measure up, so you daily endure the negativity from yourself or what others say or think about you? Do you live a life of believing lies?

Or are you enduring a life of possibilities and hope? Are you believing what scriptures say about you – that you are chosen and you are loved? Do you live a life of believing truths?

Endurance is a good thing. We are primed and ready for it. But remember, it’s not just about enduring unnecessary negativity. Endure the right things. If peace doesn’t lead you, don’t follow.

When in doubt on what to follow, head to the scriptures. You’ll get all the tips you need on endurance and encouragement. There is so much life and love on every page.

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