Hydrate with fruits and veggies

Did you know that electrolytes don’t just come from sports drinks, but that you can also enjoy them from fruits and vegetables? It’s true!

You don’t have to buy the expensive sport recovery drinks in order to have effective recovery.

Nothing like a refreshing apple or banana (just to name a couple) after a workout. For a list of fruits and vegetables that make the cut for electrolytes check out this and this list

To add protein to help with recovery, pair it with almond butter or peanut butter. A protein source will also help to stabilize your blood sugar.

Effective hydration doesn’t just come from water, but also fruits and veggies. So when you grab your fruit or veggie, smile knowing you’re both hydrating your body and replacing lost electrolytes!

Want to learn more about smart, intuitive eating? Check out my Protein First Mindset nutrition program

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